New Public Art Unveiled at The Trio at ENCORE!

New Public Art at The Trio at ENCORE! Tampa
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Artist Natalie Blake has created “The Gift of Gathering Remembrances,” the first major installation of public art within downtown Tampa’s ENCORE!® neighborhood. The series of three ceramic tile murals tells a story of the formation, change and growth of a historically rich Tampa neighborhood: Central Avenue. In each panel, the artist uses the sun as its origin, to identify each era that is depicted.

Says Natalie of her inspiration in creating the murals: “Passing on the legacy and stories of our ancestors is our duty, and though fallible, we must make the effort.” And in spite of the sometimes turbulent history within the downtown Tampa neighborhood, she adds, “Deep creativity and prosperity, nurturance and care for community, emerged. May those principals carry us all into the future as we link arms and re-member ourselves into our next phase on the planet.”

This same inspiration guided the developer team and selection committee who commissioned the work. Public art at The Trio at ENCORE! was made possible through a public/private partnership of Bank of America Community Development Corporation, Tampa Housing Authority, The Trio at ENCORE! LP, and City of Tampa–Art Programs Division.

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