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July 2017 Delivers 3 New Aerial Photos of ENCORE! Tampa


You know the routine… A new month means July delivers not just 31 sunny summer days, but also the most up-to-date aerial photos of the metamorphosis occurring at ENCORE!®.

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June 2017 Brings Three New Aerial Photos


Welcome to June, Tampa! Summer (technically!) is just about upon us.

As always, this new month brings an all-new set of aerials that depict the ongoing transformation and growth at ENCORE!®, Downtown’s Tempo District! Feel free to click any of the photos below for a larger view.

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New May ’17 Aerials Latest to Portray ENCORE! Tampa Evolution


Summer’s nearly here, Tampa! Of course, spring and fall are pretty warm and sunny, too. But, what has us truly excited today is the opportunity to share the new month’s latest aerial photos in the ongoing monthly series that chronicles the development of ENCORE!®, Downtown Tampa’s Tempo District!

Click any of the photos below for a larger view.

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Three April 2017 Aerial Photos Show Ongoing Work at ENCORE! Tampa


Welcome to April, Tampa Bay! The new month brings us the newest aerial photos taken at ENCORE!®, showing continued construction progress at Downtown Tampa’s Tempo District.

The photos below (click for a larger view) were taken on Saturday, April 1st. We’re looking forward to seeing The Tempo open to the newest residents of ENCORE! later this year!

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ENCORE! Flourishes in March 2017 Aerial Photos


Welcome to March, everyone! All of us involved with ENCORE!® are ecstatic to share with you our latest aerial photos—these taken just a few days ago on March 1! Indeed, Downtown Tampa’s Tempo District continues springing forward with new vigor and life!

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