Infrastructure Job Fairs at ENCORE! Site

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In February, more than 700 subcontractors attended the first ENCORE! job fair, which was held at the construction site located at Cass & Nebraska in downtown Tampa. The following month, more than 5,000 people attended the second ENCORE! job fair. Today, ENCORE! is moving forward as planned with permitting, and follow-up construction interviews are scheduled for May. The first contract to be executed – the infrastructure contract – was signed April 11. By the fall of 2010, an estimated 350 – 400 jobs will be created to complete the 14 – 16 month infrastructure project.

ENCORE!® represents urban renewal in harmony with a vibrant past. This 40-acre master-planned, mixed-use redevelopment community just north of Downtown Tampa’s urban core sits where Tampa’s historic Central Avenue once boomed with innovative businesses and thrived as a music district where jazz legends penned songs and performed often.

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